Welcome to the official website of Elizabeth Einspanier, author of mixed genre works encompassing science fiction, fantasy and horror.

From Elizabeth…

Thank you for visiting! Here you’ll find information about me and my work, where my stories and poetry can be found, and my upcoming projects.

Who am I?

I am an enthusiastic reader and writer of all shades of speculative fiction, from horror to science fiction to fantasy and everything in between. My latest projects are a fantasy romance novel entitled Heart of Ice, currently in progress, Necromancy Will Kill Your Dating Life, currently in rewrites, Hungry as a Wolf, the sequel to my novella Sheep’s Clothing, also in rewrites, and Siren Song, a Diesel Punk novelette in beta reading. My short stories and poetry have been published in a number of online magazines, and I eagerly await my first sale.

I want my stories to blur the boundaries of genre fiction, so that I can freely play with the tropes and themes that come with storytelling. I hope that in the end you’ll find something you’ll enjoy reading.

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