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A Guide to Empowerment Training

To be empowered is what almost everyone wants, most people regard to be empowered as desirable state to attain, its good however to first know how we should empower ourself. The proper meaning of being empowered is having power over ones live and being mature enough to understand that your power does not intimidate or is over other peoples powers. Empowerment explains further as a way of being responsible and very much independent that is one move from dependency to self-dependency and having good morals to know that one is not empowered to be isolated from others but is to co- exist with them in a mature and respectable way.

The main reason or fact of empowerment training is to rely understand ourselves, this will dig dipper to explain who actually we are, after knowing that fact, the remaining is living with that fact in our lives once that sinks in our lives we are empowered already. Knowing the obstacles that hinder people from attaining their full potential in empowerment is a good thing since it will help us know better how to improve on such weakness and attain one’s empowerment fully. Social conditioning in the current world set up is one of the major obstacles to self-empowerment, that explains why we easily give our powers to institution that is by regarding such institutions as having final obsolete knowledge and should not be questioned.

Low esteem is another major contributing factor to failure to attain empowerment, having self-doubts, lack to appreciate one’s self, and low self-esteem, all this will block our way of becoming empowered. Lack of understanding one’s self is yet another factor that makes people not to reach their potential in empowerment, this is because one hardly understands himself, therefore, one can’t even know his power. Not only does fear prevents us from reaching our desired goal but also prevents us from being self-reliant and clouds our sight such that we are unable to reach our potential, therefore it would be quite in order if let go of the fear and reach towards our goal of realizing our power.

Empowerment can not be reached if one is not knowledgeable ,lack of knowledge is yet another factor that highly hinders empowerment, but with correct knowledge one has chances of being empowered and not only does he empower himself but also he adds knowledge to his store.

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